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This hut is "Nain" and it is the 18ft long hut. It is built on an oak chassis with traditional iron wheels. The hut is resting on old railway sleepers on the ground. It has 4 wooden steps leading up to the oak stable door. The steps have a handrail. The steps are secured in postcrete to keep them steady.


Inside it has a double bed with a memory foam mattress. And during the day that bed is secured by 2 x straps and is up in the wall space so that the table and bench seating can be used. 


There are 2 x storage spaces under the benches. One of them is used for the pillows during the day and the scatter cushions at night. The other storage space is for guest usage.


In this hut there are 2 x "crawl in" bunk beds suitable for adventurous small children under 5 ft. They each have a light at the end.


The hut kitchen area has a granite worksurface and a twin hob, a kettle, a mini fridge and a mini microwave. There are crockery,glasses, mugs, eating utensils, can & bottle openers and place /drinks mats. There is also a small touch lamp on the side. Which is for use when the bed is down at night.


The ensuite bathroom has a shower, toilet, sink , basin and heated towel rail.  We provide all linen and towels,  homemade guest soap from local North Wales small businesses. 

The hut enjoys  the benefit of underfloor heating and a woodburner.

There's a walk through video below. 

Doggie Do's and Don'ts


Nain hut is  “Dog Friendly”.

Please note:-


  1. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times on site and are not allowed to roam loose within the grounds. There are livestock in the adjoining fields – goats, alpacas, horses, cats and also our two very large dogs.

  2. Please do not let your dog/s urinate on the small Christmas trees at the entrance to the grassed area. This will make it a marking spot for all dogs and it will give the entrance an unpleasant smell in dry weather.

  3. The only area where the dog can be left off lead is the dedicated fenced off area at rear of Nain hut.

  4. Dogs are not to be left unattended at any time within the hut or its enclosed garden.

  5. Dogs are only allowed in Nain hut and the enclosed garden behind the hut.

  6. Dog owners must clear up their dog’s mess.

  7. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture, the benches, the double bed or the bunk beds.

  8. The children’s bunk bed, duvets/pillows are not to be used as a dog bed under any circumstances.

  9. Entire male dogs may mark a new area/ territory, please wipe down the area immediately with the antibacterial cleaner spray.

  10. Please wipe down your pet’s paws if they are wet or muddy, before entering the hut.

  11. Please note that significant damage or stains will be chargeable back to the owner.


We are confident that our guests are responsible dog owners and considerate persons and will look after our lovely little Nain hut for us.

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